A few of my customers were kind enough to write a few things.

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Brian United Auto Group
I have known Brent for a little over 10 years now, since we started our dealership. Brent is the only Dent removal tech who has ever worked on our vehicles and will remain the only one who will ever push dents at this dealership. Brent takes a lot of pride in what he does. First of all, he loves his job and looks at cars like they are his own. He genuinely takes the time to do it right. He will always give his 110% pushing a dent before telling you that it needs body work. His work is unbelievably phenomenon. once he fixes a car, you can never tell that it had dents!!! Brent is also a very nice and honest person. Not only he is our dent doctor but he is also a good friend, a great father, and a man of responsibility. I will forever recommend Brent for any dent removal services.
Chris All American Collision

I met Brent back in 2006 when I was running a Paint and Body shop in Addison. Brent was such a interesting guy with a work ethic that I had not seen in a long time. After having Brent over to the shop to do some PDR work I was so impressed that he was the only person I would allow to do my work. Since then I have moved to East Dallas to take over a much larger shop. When hail season hits I have so much work that Brent and I have agreed that he dedicates every Monday to work for me. He has done some amazing work and has really made my job on delivering cars back to customers easy. If you are looking for the best and inexpensive repair (door dings, hail) do not waste time calling all the fly by night guys. Call Brent Peay. He even has a new website that you can visit and set a appointment up. A true Master of his Craft...

Jennifer Miller Private customer

Brent was a saving grace for me, my car, and my bank account! I was very fortunate to run into him when I did and learn of his long time business. After a huge hail storm, my insurance quoted $2300 worth of damage. Although a fair quote for insurance, the deductible only gave me $1800 to get it fixed, a price no body shop would touch. Backed by several years in the industry, Brent's skill and knowledge allowed him to fix my car under budget and immediately where other shops had a long waiting list. He was extremely professional and friendly (I had to go to the airport after dropping the car off with him and he graciously took me) throughout the entire process, keeping me up to date at all times. He even fixed minor car door dents and items that others wouldn't have done! It looked brand new! I definitely recommend Brent and will continue to use his superior skills whenever needed. Thanks for all that you did, Brent!!